{Latest} Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk Free Download

Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk Download

Download Geometry Dash Apk v2.0

Geometry dash 2.0 game is one of the most popular game that is one of the most downloaded apps today in the top chart. There are two types of the geometry dash available in the playstore that you can choose the version that suits you today. As you guessed it is right the two forms are one is the free version and another one is the paid version. You can choose which ever version you want and you can use the both. Don’t worry I have provided you both the free version and the paid version. But the paid version is only for the educational purpose and to be used abusively. If you really like the game please consider to purchase the original app from the developer.

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geometry dash apk

Incoming Search Terms:The latest apk version of the geometry dash 2.0 we are providing you is very safe and secure we have done a lot of scannings in the apk and trying to make it secure for all users. Just get started by downloading the apk file now. The download link is given below. If you find any broken links or problems in downloading the application please let us know by using the comments section.As I said earlier this game is one of the most famous and most lovable games. It simply got more than 40K downloads worldwide and it proves that it is one of the most lovable games among the mobile users. The lite version or the free version has the many advantages such like the full free play.

If you are new to the geometry dash game then you can first download the lite version and just give it a try. Then if you find it very useful or it is loved by your mind then you can download the geometry dash 2.0 full version for free. I have included both of the versions in the post.

Features of the Geometry Dash Apk :

  • The hardcore features of the geometry dash are completely listed below for your kind notice. If you want to know about the complete details of the geometry dash here is the list of the features that you should go through before downloading it. Just take a look at it.
  • The game is a real success only when it has the amazing sound effects that give the pleasant feeling to the users of the game. While considering that geometry dash gives that pleasure feeling to the games by giving the best splendid music.
  • You might have seen many addictive games such as candy crush saga, temple run, clash of clans are more additive in nature because of the game levels in it. Likewise geometry dash 2.0 also has some features which make the users more attracted towards the game.
  • The most ever best feature of this game is that you can make your own levels so that you can have the fun in your own way. That’s one of the specialties of the game.
  • You also have the training or the practice mode to check out the levels that you have created.
  • Of course you get gifts and bounties on completion of the each level.

Review on Geometry Dash 2.0

We the publishers of the techinfopark have a strong belief that we can give an accurate review on what you are looking for. Here we are giving you the reviw about the geometry dash. First of all this game can be used to play by the games of any age as long as they understand the game. The levels have the combinations of different puzzles that you have go around clearing the level without getting hurt by any of the things that prevails around the level.



Also there are a lot of difficulties for the users who game the game. The difficulties range from the bouncing speed, design and much more. Frequent playing of the game might help the users to quickly identify the hard aspects of the game and be able to clear it in a fraction of seconds. The most important thing is that the hero of the game is a square. This game is available for the iPhone also.

Download link for Geometry Dash 2.0

Why are you searching for the game in the playstore in your mobile phone and downloading the game through the mobile phone which takes a lot of time and also the mobile data. That why we are here to reduce the data usage on your mobile phone and enable you to quickly download the apk file which will make you to play the game instantly.

Point to note: If you are installing the apk for the first time in the android mobile without going to the playstore then you must have enabled the installing of the applications from the untrusted source. If not you may face some problems in installing the applications.

Methods to install the Geometry dash apk:

  1. This is simple method. Just download the apk file through the given link here.
  2. If you have downloaded the apk file through the PC then you have to transfer the file to the android mobile using the Bluetooth or you can use the shareit for pc.
  3. Now click on the apk file through the mobile phone. Now you have the geometry dash 2.0 installed.
  4. The below are the links to download. One of the links is the free trial version. Use this if you just wanted to try the app. Another link is the paid version of the geometry dash 2.0 you can try it if you need the full version.

Geometry dash for pc:

This game is available for both the android and iOS. But you can also play the game in the windows PC simply by using the bluestacks emulator. We will be writing soon in details about the usage of the bluestacks emulator.

Download links : Link 1 Link 2

Thanks for giving the time in reading the post. If you face any problems in installing the apps on the mobile phones please let us know about in the comments. We will solve your problem right away.

Geometry dash 2.0
Geometry dash 2.01 apk
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Geometry dash 2.1

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