[Latest] Samsung Smart View For Windows 10 PC

Samsung Smart View Windows 10

Hey Friends. We are here to know how to download the Samsung smart view windows 10 PC connectivity so that we can connect the Samsung TV to the desktop or the laptop that currently runs the windows 10. In this modern age we have many much devices in our hand. We all own some devices like iPhone, iPod, Android mobile and much more. We take videos and photos in all the devices in our hand and all those may get spread across the various system. We need a organizer to connect all the systems that we use to shoot the multimedia contents.

Not only taking pictures, shooting videos are considered as the multimedia contents but also the movies that are stored in the devices we use. We can share the photos with our friends easily through shareit app. But the problem arises when we are in need to show all our digital contents to all our family members those are gathered in our home. We may show them in the big screen.



Here’s where the Samsung smart view windows 10 comes into the play. The Samsung smart view can be used with windows 10 laptop, windows 10 desktop etc.

Main Features of the Samsung Smart View:

  • The best ever and main feature of the Samsung smart view for windows 10 OS is that connectivity is made easy. The TV can be easily connected to the windows 10 which is installed in the laptop or desktop. Only thing you have to do is to enter the 4 digit pin number that is shown in the TV screen in the laptop.
  • Go wireless. You don’t have to be wired in order to share the photos between the PC and the TV. Just select the photos and videos that are needed to be shared.
  • Easy categorizing can be done. Like the mobile phones and desktop applications you can create your own custom playlists and other such things to make simpler things like repeated selection easy.

Download Samsung Smart View For Windows 10

Using Methods For Samsung Smart View In Windows 10

  • First of all we have to connect both the devices in the same network.
  • Then now open the Download the Samsung smart view windows 10 Pc. You can download the software here.
  • Now open the smart view app in the TV. Now by the time you should have got the 4 digit pin which is very essential to connect. If you have got any errors or mistakes in the installation by the time then please comment below and we will help you to sort that out.
  • Now just follow the instructions on the screen to setup the remaining steps.
  • The users of the iPhone and android and easily download this app from their respective official app downloading websites.
  • Congo. You have successfully integrated the PC and the Samsung smart view.

The specifications and requirements are listed:

Intel Pentium 1.8 GHZ
RAM must be above 2GB
Size of the screen must be 1024*786 and can be equivalent to 32 bit / 64 bit

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