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EnWhatsapp Apk v2.3.5 & v3.6.8

Hello friends a very long time later I’m meeting you via my latest blog which is entirely made to provide you with the latest downloads of all the apps and technical things that can be either used in the mobile or in the pc. So lets gets started now. The first ever thing that I’m gonna tell you about is enwhatsapp. The latest mod of the whatsapp.

Every user know about the whatsapp since whatsapp is the best ever messenger found in a while. All the android mobiles now defaultly comes with this famous whatsapp. But not all the users got satisfied with the whatsapp by the way it is. They need some small modifications that are unable to be done by the users itself. Thus they have introduced the mods to do that.

enwhatsapp 2016 free download

enwhatsapp 2016

The first ever mod that is found to satisfy the whatsapp customers is the ogwhatsapp. You can know more and download ogwhatsapp here.After the introduction of the ogwhatsapp there required a alternative to that also. Since the ogwhatsapp also had some disadvantages that the users didn’t liked it.

Now here is the place where the enwhatsapp comes into the play. The enwhatsapp is developed to satisfy the customers who are not satisfied by the way of ogwhatsapp.

Simply speaking enwhatsapp is the Xerox copy of ogwhatsapp with the little modifications.

Features of the enwhatsapp:

The enwhatsapp has more exiting features than we can imagine.Here I’m listing out some of the features of the enwhatsapp.

  • We have the option to control the foating buttons in the enwhatsapp
  • The floating buttons can be hidden or shown
  • We can also hide the labels
  • Size of floating buttons can be changed with ease.
  • There is a conversation floating button present in the enwhatsapp which can be easily hidden or shown in this.
  • Lot of collective messages can be seen floating here and there in the enwhatsapp. It can be prevented by disabling the button. That option is also available.
  • Also there is an option to log changes of the application.
  • There also been a bugfix done in the application.

Method to install the enwhatsapp:

  1. Whatever be the new operations you do to the enwhatsapp you must have a proper backup to do so. All the user information Is simply stored in the backup messages area.
  2. The second most step is the most important step of all kind. Read carefully. If you missed up the step then this process may not work properly. There will be a folder named sdcard/whatsapp in the android sdcard. Just change the location to sdcard/enwhatsapp that’s it. You are good to go now.
  3. You can either do the abouve step via the file manager or the computer whichever the way it suits you.
  4. The last most step is to verify the enwhatsapp. Since you have two whatsapps or two sims in the mobile you have verify both of them inorder to activate both of them.

Enwhatsapp Apk

Here you can also download the enwhatsapp apk for the android mobile. Enwhatsapp is one of the fastest growing whatsapp apk mod. You can enjoy many more benefits that you cant enjoy with your normal whatsapp. Use the below link to download the enwhatsapp apk and just follow the above steps inorder to get you enwhatsapp installed properly.

The download link for the enwhatsapp is here Download link

If you have any queries on the topic that we have discussed above that is any doubts on the installation of the enwhatsapp in you mobile phones please let us know in the comments. We will reply to you within 6 hours. Its a challenge man. 😉 Dont forget to like and share this post.

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